Pet Odor Removal

Use The Bad Air Sponge for Pet Odor Removal

To eliminate pet odors with the Bad Air Sponge, just open a deodorizer where ever you have pet odor problems. Each sponge is able to remove pet odors in areas up to 400 square feet. If you have a problem with pet odors, The Bad Air Sponge offers a pet odor removal solution.

Pet Odor Removal with the Bad Air Sponge

We take pet odor removal very seriously here at the Bad Air Sponge. We know well how frustrating and heartbreaking it can be to have a pet that has an odor problem inside your home. These situations can quickly get out of hand, and we would hate for anyone to have to think about parting with their beloved pet because of a pet odor problem.

Most pet odors come from urine odors, such as dog urine and cat urine. Other sources of pet odors can be related to your petís outdoor habits, shedding, diet, and hygiene. Pet odors are difficult for some odor removing products to eliminate because pets are not stationary; they occupy every room in the house. In order to successfully eliminate pet odors, you need an odor removing product that will permeate throughout the air to remove pet odors. Because of its nature as an air freshener and deodorizer, the Bad Air Sponge is a great product for pet odor removal. The Bad Air Sponge will remove your pet odor permanently while leaving the air fresh and neutralized.

This is precisely why we have worked so hard to create high quality pet odor removal product. The Bad Air Sponge is a superior pet odor removal product. Originally, the Bad Air Sponge was designed to remove industrial odor problems like gasoline spills, dangerous and toxic fumes, smoke odors, and other powerful odors. With such varied and successful use, the Bad Air Sponge is effective on every type of odor, including pet odors and organic odors like dog and cat urine and feces odors. And, the Bad Air Sponge is completely safe for use around your household pets, you, and even your children.

The Bad Air Sponge & Other Pet Odor Removal Products

The Bad Air Sponge actively works to remove all pet odors in your house. It does this through an airborne process of removing and neutralizing pet odor molecules from the air and from carpets, sofas, drapes, and every other porous object in your room. This process neutralizes odors and should not be confused with the process of an air freshener. An air freshener will cover up pet odors with another equally powerful scent such as lemons, potpourri, or spices. The Bad Air Sponge neutralizes your pet odors naturally without cover-up smells.

The Bad Air Sponge itself does not need to make contact with the pet odor to remove it. The sponge works just by having it in the room where your pet odor problems occur. For the most effective pet odor removal, just open the lid and the sponge will work to eliminate your pet odors including dog urine and cat urine. For extremely potent odors, eject the sponge onto its lid. One Bad Air Sponge will last anywhere from 30 to 120 days depending on usage and will eliminate pet odor from a room up to 400 square feet.