Upholstery Odor Removal

Upholstery Odor Remover - The Bad Air Sponge

The Bad Air Sponge works to remove pet odors, food odors, and other odors from your furniture and upholstery while cleaning the air in the room.


The Bad Air Sponge Is A Furniture And Upholstery Odor Remover

Furniture and upholstery odor comes from two odor sources: The surface of your furniture can hold odors (such as smoke odor) or the actual fabric and inside of the upholstery and furniture can hold odors (such as spilled milk or other liquid odors). The Bad Air Sponge works as an upholstery odor remover by removing furniture and upholstery odors that come from either of these two sources.

Removing All Types of Furniture Odors

The Bad Air Sponge is the perfect product for removing surface odors from furniture and upholstery. Most surface upholstery odors are smoke odors. The Bad Air Sponge has been around for over 50 years and is the standard in the disaster restoration industry when dealing with smoke abatement. Also, it was used in the cleaning of the World Trade Center in 1993 to remove smoke smells from offices, the building, and the upholstery inside. If the Bad Air Sponge can do this for smoke odors in a large building, imagine what it is capable of doing as an upholstery odor remover and furniture odor remover inside your home.

The Bad Air Sponge also works great for liquid or penetrating odor inside upholstery, furniture, and upholstered surfaces. In a commercial example, the Bad Air Sponge has been used by train companies like Amtrak, The Long Island Rail Road, and the New Jersey Transit Authority to keep the air inside their cabins smelling fresh by acting as an air freshener and an upholstery odor remover.

Using the Bad Air Sponge for Upholstery Odors

If you have surface upholstery odors or deep upholstery odors such as pet urine or spilled drinks and liquids, the Bad Air Sponge is an easy to use upholstery odor remover. The Bad Air Sponge comes shipped to you in the form of a plastic 1 pound jar with a lid. Just remove the lid and place it near your upholstery and the Bad Air Sponge will work to remove odors. The odors will not be masked by perfumes; instead the odors will actually be drawn out of your upholstery leaving the air in your room’s fresh and odor free.

The Bad Air Sponge is the better choice for upholstery and furniture odor removal because it acts to freshen the air around your upholstery as well as the upholstery itself. It is essentially two products in one. The Bad Air Sponge is a safe, effective, and easy to use powerful odor absorber for upholstery odor removal.