Basement Odor Removal

Remove Basement Odors with the Bad Air Sponge

The Bad Air Sponge is useful for removing musty basement odor associated with excessive moisture. Just place a sponge in your musty basement and open the lid.


Remove Musty Basement Odors with the Bad Air Sponge

Basement odors are usually described as musty odors or musty smells. People frequently say they have a musty basement or a musty furnace smell. Musty basement odors can be hard to pinpoint because of the usual proximity of objects in a basement. The cause of the musty basement odor is usually an excessive amount of moisture coming through the porous concrete surface of your basement. This excessive basement moisture can soak through to other soft porous surfaces in the basement such as furniture, upholstery, drapes, and clothes. To remove the musty basement smell, you need a Bad Air Sponge in your basement or two bad air sponges if the square footage of your basement exceeds 400 square feet.

Musty basement smells and odors will not be removed with cover up sprays or air fresheners like aerosol sprays, candles, or even potpourri. These air freshening products only cover up musty basement odors, but do nothing to eliminate the musty smell itself. Because basements are typically the dampest rooms in the house, to effectively remove musty basement odors, you need a product like the Bad Air Sponge because it absorbs odors instead of masking them.

Why The Bad Air Sponge Works For Musty Basement Odors

The Bad Air Sponge is based on a patented formula that combines safety with effective basement odor removal. Our mix of natural ingredients, when introduced to your musty basement area, will entrap end neutralize the odor causing molecules rather than mask them. This is what sets the Bad Air Sponge apart from other basement deodorizers. And, the Bad Air Sponge will actually draw out odors from the porous surfaces of your basement including basement walls, basement floor, and any porous materials you have in your basement that has absorbed the musty basement odor.

Other Causes of Musty Basement Odors

Other sources of musty basement odors are musty furnace odors and odors as a result of hurricane water damage, water pipe breakage, or basement flooding. For furnace odors, just place an open Bad Air Sponge near your furnace to get rid of your musty furnace odors. Musty odors from floods and water damage are equally easy to treat with the bad air sponge. Make sure you have removed all sources of moisture from your basement including your household articles that have gotten wet as a result of the flooding. After that, just place a Bad Air Sponge in your basement to get rid of your musty basement odor. The Bad Air Sponge also works equally well to remove damp and musty odors in shore houses (where salt water can be a problem for other deodorizers), crawl spaces, underground shelters, and any other underground area susceptible to musty smells due to excessive moisture.