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Actual Bad Air Sponge Customer Testimonials

The worst part by far when our basement flooded was the smell. The odor was unbearable throughout the whole house. It was so embarassing that our children couldn't even bring their friends. We tried everything to rid the house of this unpleasant odor (including almost every air freshener on the market) and nothing worked. A neighbor dropped off The Bad Air Sponge. Overnight, the smell was eliminated. It took us two months to get our basement back to the way it was, but we didn't have to suffer at all once we used your product. Thank you!

Kelly Lanutti
Phoenix, AZ

The Bad Air Sponges that Erie County Sewer District 3 purchased this year were a big help in reducing hydrogen sulfide odors from a manhole.

We had a force main discharge manhole that registered 100 ppm of hydrogen sulfide gas on a regular basis. We tried several other products with little improvement. We hung a "Bad Air Sponge" in the manhole and saw immediate improvement. The hydrogen sulfide readings in the bottom were still 100ppm, but the reading at the top of manhole was reduced to 5ppm!!

The "sponge" has been in the manhole for 2 months, and it is still effectively reducing the hydrogen sulfide levels. It is a great product!!

Mark Fitzgerald
Asst. Chief Treatment Plant Supervisor
County of Erie

What a difference your product has made for us. As RV enthusiasts, we often must deal with smells caused by a lot of people in a small space. This years trip was virtually odor free thanks to the Bad Air Sponge air freshener.

Amy Moyer
Providence, RI

I was mortified. When my sister came to visit she commented that my new townhouse already had "that dog smell" of our old house. I never noticed the odor. When I asked my friends I was shocked to learn that I seemed to be the only one who never noticed the smell. After using the Bad Air Sponge, the odor was gone. I was no longer the only person who didn't notice the pet odor.

Sean Johnson
Norristown, PA

It's been several months now since you rescued us from our horrendous odor problem and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for leading us to the solution.

You'll recall that we are replacing two acres of BPDM roofing with a new standing-seam copper roof on the Old Patent Office Building, a National Historic Landmark in Washington, DC. As part of the new installation, the concrete roof deck was primed and then a self-adhering membrane vapor barrier was applied. During the priming phase, rooftop air intakes sucked the vapors of the primer into the HVAC system, threatening to chase both staff and visitors from the building. Even when all the intakes were closed and sealed, some of the odor was being sucked in by the powerful fans.

By introducing your Bad Air Sponge to the make-up-air side of the fans, the odors were substantially arrested, enabling staff and visitors to remain in the museum with little awareness of the work being done above. Neither closing the intakes nor inserting the Bad Air Sponges has solved the problem alone, but in conjunction, these two measures represented a universally effective solution to the acute odor problem.

Your guidance and assistance was timely and professional, and countless staff and guests owe you a debt of gratitude for taking the foul breath out of our replacement project.

David H. Davies
Facilities Manager
Smithsonian National Museum of Art

This brief memo is to let you know that the product Bad Air Sponge has been successfully utilized with our painting staff.

We are continually using this item with the night crew painting department.

John H. Good
Director of Plant Facilities
Willingboro Public Schools

Wow. What an invention. I love my roommates but hate the smell of cigarette smoke. (They're both smokers). As a last ditch effort, I tried The Bad Air Sponge. I was very skeptical and I still can't believe how much better the apartment smells. We threw out all of our air fresheners and now buy our sponges by the case!

Alexis Miller
Tampa, FL

As you may know, the Regional Office Building is a very old building with an outdated HVAC in many areas. Although we are working to correct the situation, we often receive complaints that the building smells musty or moldy. We also receive a number of complaints that the restrooms sometimes retain lingering odors.

I have found the Bad Air Sponge to be very helpful in addressing both of these situations. We currently have a Bad Air Sponge in all restrooms. We have also placed them in some offices where mold complaints are reported. I believe there has been a significant decrease in the number of complaints we have received since we started using this product. We have also used it with great success in areas where carpet has become saturated with water. Normally the smell would cause occupants to leave the area until the carpet be cleaned and deodorized. The Bad Air Sponge worked well in this application as well.

Thus far we have received no complaints from occupants reporting sensitivity or adverse reactions related to this product. I would highly recommend you give this product a try if you have similar problems in your building.

Mike Clifford
Facility Manager
GSA-WPM Washington DC

I purchased your product, the Bad Air Sponge, from the Somers Point Vets in Somers Point, NJ over one month ago. With 4 basset hounds, some of them elderly, our home could use some odor neutralization from time to time. To my surprise, after using your product, the familiar scent as one walks into our home was gone. That's right GONE. Wow, I was truly amazed. No amount of cleaning products can truly mask the "eau de hound" odor, as we affectionately call it.

Thanks to your product I can invite company over without burning the candles for days before. Keep up the good work!

Beverly J. Duncan
Ocean City, NJ