Boat Odor Removal

Use The Bad Air Sponge to Remove Boat Odor

The Bad Air Sponge has been removing marine and boat odor for years as the NY Port Authority, and is now available for personal use. Get rid of boat odors today.


Boat Odor Removal with the Bad Air Sponge

Boats and marine vehicles are always filled with powerful odors including boat fuel odors, bilge odors, and stagnant mold and mildew odors from your on-board shower, bathroom and head. Boat and yacht owners mostly turn to caustic chemical products, expensive air purifiers and ozone destroyers, or paying a firm to detail and deodorize your boat – which is usually a very expensive ordeal. All of these remedies can help your boat odor initially, but they will do nothing to remove the sources of these odors, which mean the odors will always resurface. For total odor boat odor remediation and odor removal, the Bad Air Sponge is available to naturally deodorize your boat odor and yacht odor.

The Bad Air Sponge will not mask your boat odor; instead it actually neutralizes the small odor causing molecules that exist inside your boat. This is done through a process we refer to as “Deghosting”. The sponge actually draws out odors from all of the porous materials inside your boat including wood, wall board, carpet, and fabric. The Sponge also removes odors from the trapped air of your boat including those powerful stagnant airborne odors from your bilge or your head.

Safe for Marine Use

The Bad Air Sponge is safe for marine and boat use. It safely eliminates all boat odors by neutralizing odor causing molecules – which are the source of foul boat odors. The sponge works on all boat odor and yacht odor but is best known for removing wastewater odors, cigarette and cigar odors, fish odors, cooking odors, head odors, pet odors, bilge odors, diesel fuel odors, and holding tank odors. Most boat owners who are using the product keep one in the galley and one in the head. This pattern of use is effective for permanent odor removal in the air as well as carpets, cushions, curtains, and other absorbent surfaces in your galley and head.

Useful for Boat and Yacht Sellers

If you are a boat and yacht seller and are looking for a way to get your boat sale ready, place a Bad Air Sponge in the ship to remove any potent boat odor. By using the Bad Air Sponge as a boat odor removal product, your boat will get a higher price and sell quicker versus if it smelled like mold, mildew, and dangerous diesel fuel. To use the sponge, unscrew a can and place it in the affected interior areas of your boats galley. As stated before, most owners choose to use one in their head air one in their galley. The odor neutralizing power usually covers an area of 400 square feet comfortably. Cleaning can help a boat keep up appearances, and the Bad Air Sponge for odor removal provides a clean smell by removing boat odors at their source.

Optimum Use for Your Boat and Yacht

Boat odors can be are sometimes hard to pinpoint. With so many different sources of smells, like the bilge, the fuel line, and the head, the Bad Air Sponge proves effective because it removes all types of odor from all areas of your boat. For optimum use, we recommend routine cleaning of the boats interior coupled with utilizing the Bad Air Sponge for boat odor removal. If there is a serious and persistent odor that the Bad Air Sponge cannot combat (such as a fuel leak or a holding tank leak), the sponge will “clean” up the air and the environment around the smell so you can fix the underlying source of the odor.

A History of Marine Use and Boat Odor Removal

The Bad Air Sponge has been used in industry for the last 50 years and has a proven record of removing smells from boats, yachts, and other marine vessels. Perhaps the most prestigious of these is the Bad Air Sponge’s years of use at the NY Port Authority. With a marine track record as brilliant as the Bad Air Sponge, boat owners can be confident in the boat odor removal properties of the Bad Air Sponge.