Bad Air Sponge Air Freshener

Uses and Usage Instructions for the Bad Air Sponge

The Bad Air Sponge has been used industrially for the last 50 years for odor removal and as an air freshsner. Within the last few years, the product has been introduced commercially. The following is a list of popular customer uses for the Bad Air Sponge as an air freshener.

Instructions for Using The Bad Air Sponge:

The Bad Air Sponge is a very easy air freshener product to use. It requires no application, no spraying, no burning, and no activity on your part.

The Bad Air Sponge istelf is a plastic jar filled with a solid paste gel. Each odor removal sponge is about 1 pound. To use the Product, just place it in the room or in there area where the bad smell or foul odor exists that you want to get rid of.

Once the Bad Air Sponge is opened and in a room, a car, or will begin to deodorize the air by attaching to odor molecules and neutralizing them.

The Bad Air Sponge works best in a well ventilated room. If the odor absorbing molecules of the Bad Air Sponge have a chance to permiate throughout a room, they have an increased opportunity to react with the odor moleculed in the area you are deodorizing.

When deciding how many Bad Air Sponges to use to deodorize an area, keep in mind that one sponge effectively removes odors from areas of up to 400 square feet. And, depending on the severity of the odors in that space, can last anywhere from 30 days to 120 days.

The Bad Air Sponge is non-toxic, natural, safe for use around food products and food handling, and safe for use around children and pets.

If you have any questions about the Bad Air Sponge including how to use it, how it works best, or any other questions about its odor absorbing properties, please fill out a contact page on our website and we'll get back to you asap.

List of Uses for the Bad Air Sponge

Car Odors: Odor removal from the interior your car or truck including carpet odors and upholstery odors.

Carpet Odors: Remove odors from the carpet in your home and the carpeting inside your car.

Daycare Center Odors: Remove odors associated with daycare facilities including urine, feces, throw-up, dirty diapers, etc.

Hospital Odors: Remove odors associated with hospitals including body odors, urine, feces, and cleaning fluids.

Hotel Odors: Remove hotel odors like mold and mildew from hotel carpets and drapes.

Household Odors: Household odor removal including pet odors, mold and mildew odors, kitchen odors, and basement odors.

Laundry Odors: Remove odors from dirty laundry including sweat, mold, and mildew.

Nursing Home Odors: Remove odors associated with nursing homes including urine, feces, body odor, and cleaning agents.

Office Odors: Remove odors from offices including mold odors, mildew odors, bathroom odors, paint odors, construction odors, and food odors.

School Odors: Remove odors from schools including mold & mildew odors and bathroom odors.

Veterinary Clinic Odors: Remove odors from veterinary clinics including dog and cat urine and feces and pet bed odors.

Pet Odors: Remove odors from the places your pet frequents around the house and your pet itself.

Bathroom Odors: Remove bathroom odors including mold, mildew, urine, feces, and musty odors.

Boat Odors: Remove musty boat odors from your galley, head, bilge, and holding tank.

Locker Room Odors: Remove locker room odors including gym equipment, mold, mildew, and sweat.

RV & Camper Odors: RV and camper odor removal including odors from fuel, bathroom, and kitchen.

Pet Bed Odors: Remove persistent odors from your pets bed.

Kitchen Odors: Remove odors from your kitchen associated with cooking, your garbage disposal, your microwave, and your refeigerator.

Dog Urine Odors: Remove dog urine odors from your carpets, your floors, and your entire house.

Cigarette & Cigar Odors: Remove cigar and cigarette odors from your house or car.

Litter Box Odors: Odor removal for litter box odors from cat urine and cat feces.

Diaper Odors: Remove dirty diaper odors from your diaper pail or your trash can.

Cat Urine Odors: Remove cat urine odors from your litter box, your carpets, or the floors of your home.

Garage Odors: Remove musty garage odors from mildew, mold, gasoline, or cleaning fluids.

Smoke Odors: Remove smoke odors from your home including cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, or smoke odors caused by fires.

Mold & Mildew Odors: Odor removal for dangerous mold and mildew odors from the air.

Garbage Odors: Remove odors from garbage cans, garbage bins, garbage disposals, and dumpsters.

Basement Odors: Remove musty odors from basements caused by flooding or excessive moisture.

Upholstery & Furniture Odors: Odor removal for surface odors and deep odors from upholstery and furniture.

As An Air Freshener: Use the Bad Air Sponge as an air freshener.