Bad Air Sponge Air Freshener

The Bad Air Sponge - The Only Real Air Freshener

The Bad Air Sponge is the best air freshener because it does not mask the odors in the air with perfumes or cover up smells. Instead, the Bad Air Sponge neutralizes the odor causing particles in the air, leaving your air naturally fresh and clean.

The Bad Air Sponge is a Real Air Freshener

The Bad Air Sponge is an air freshener, not in the direct media and marketing sense of the word, but in the true sense of the word in that it truly freshens the air. However, before we speak anymore about the Bad Air Sponge as an air freshener, letís look at what you are led to believe an air freshener is and what it can (and won't) do for your home.

How Is The Sponge Classified?

Air fresheners, the genre name of a family of products that are marketed to clean the air, imply that these products actually freshen the air. This includes any air freshener in general, car air fresheners, automatic air fresheners, and so called 'natural' air fresheners. Marketing and media advertisements tell us that our homes are not fresh, or in some cases not even homes at all, unless we have air fresheners in every room of the house. This includes bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, family rooms, basements, garages, and every other area of the house. We are led to believe that the best air fresheners must be used so our homes guests are reinforced with the belief that they are coming into a clean home.

The strange part about air fresheners is they actually do nothing to freshen the air inside a home. In fact, these so called air fresheners do more harm than good. They release perfumes into the air, release CFCís through aerosol cans that are pressurized so are un-recyclable, and some air fresheners even require being lit so they constantly send out burning fumes into the air. The truth is that the idea if clean should not have a scent. Clean should be the absence of scent. Regarding The Bad Air Sponge as an air freshener, the Bad Air Sponge actually removes odors from the air, leaving the air clean. Not marketing and advertising clean (i.e. car air freshener with a potpourri scent) but truly clean. The Bad Air Sponge is truly a natural air freshener.

Air fresheners come in a variety of types. As stated before, there are aerosol types, plug-ins, candles, burning types, automatic air fresheners, car air fresheners, and stationary types of air fresheners that gradually release their perfumes into the air. All these air fresheners do is mask the underlying sources of odors rather that combat the actual sources of odors. If you are looking for the best air freshener, please consider the Bad Air Sponge.

The Bad Air Sponge is an Air Freshener?

The Bad Air Sponge has been used as an automatic air freshener commercially for the last 50 years, and is now available to the public. As examples of its use as an air freshener, the Bad Air Sponge has been used in wastewater treatment facilities, smoke and water damaged buildings, Amtrak Trains, The Smithsonian, and even the White House.

The Bad Air Sponge does not freshen the air with perfumes or try to mask odors in any way, instead it clings to and neutralizes odor causing agents in the air, on surfaces, and even inside porous surfaces like carpet, drapes, and upholstery. It draws out these odor causing molecules while deodorizing the air, which is what makes the Bad Air Sponge the best air freshener. To use one, just open up a jar in a room and let the Bad Air Sponge freshen the air inside your home. Thatís it.

The Bad Air Sponge is one of the only natural air fresheners on the market today that really works to freshen the air. It leaves air smelling clean.