Kitchen Odor Removal

Remove Kitchen Odor with the Bad Air Sponge

Kitchen odors are tough to combat because of constant kitchen use and where kitchen smells come from. The Bad Air Sponge absorbs kitchen odor from all sources.


The Bad Air Sponge Fights Kitchen Odors

The Bad Air Sponge can be used to remove many types of powerful kitchen odor including broccoli, dirty dishes, flower vases, spoiled milk, trash cans, microwave odors, burnt food odor, and garbage disposal odors one of the hardest kitchen odors to eliminate.

Sources of Kitchen Odor & How To Remedy Them

Garbage disposal odors can be a real problem in a kitchen. The most common ways to remove odors from a garbage disposal have always been grinding citrus fruits, adding bleach, baking soda, or vinegar to the disposal. In most cases, these methods do work. The Bad Air Sponge works best for more powerful garbage disposal odors where these other methods fail. The sponge absorbs tough garbage disposal odors naturally. Just place the sponge near your sink (under it or on your counter top) and the solid paste gel will absorb the powerful odors coming from your kitchen garbage disposal.

Powerfully odorous food such as broccoli, onions, spoiled milk, and the like are also difficult to remove from a kitchen. After foods like these are cooked, your kitchen will absorb these odors and they can linger for hours or days. Placing a Bad Air Sponge in your kitchen will draw out these powerful food odors from your drapes, linoleum or tile floors, countertops, and seats. The sponge covers large areas so one canister is enough to absorb powerful food odors from your kitchen for 30 - 120 days.

Dirty dishes are another source of bad kitchen odor. If left in your sink, even overnight, the smell from dirty dishes can be difficult to combat. The Bad Air Sponge absorbs smells from dirty dishes by placing the product in the vicinity of the foul odor.

Microwaves and burnt food are another difficult kitchen odor to remove. The odor removal process with the Bad Air Sponge starts with a solid paste gel base. The gel absorbs kitchen odors including those emanating from microwaves, burnt pots and pans, or grease cooking. By placing the Bad Air Sponge anywhere in your kitchen, it will collect bad kitchen odors and freshen up your kitchen environment.

For garbage cans in the kitchen, the odor removal process of the Bad Air Sponge is the same for all other kitchen odors. The product only needs to be in the area of the foul odor to absorb it. Trash can odors can be powerful. Garbage sits in the can for days and strong odors like fish and meat can linger. Using the Bad Air Sponge in your kitchen can effectively reduce the smells and odors coming from your kitchen garbage receptacles.

The Bad Air Sponge Does Not Mask Kitchen Odor

Kitchen odors are among the toughest to eliminate because the kitchen is always in use. In the past, people have used aerosol sprays or natural vanilla to help combat these odors. These solutions only mask the odors. The Bad Air Sponge offers a natural way to remove kitchen odor.