Garbage Odor Removal

Garbage Odor Removal with the Bad Air Sponge

The Bad Air Sponge removes garbage odor from all sources including trash cans, trash bins, garbage cans, trash compactors, garbage disposals, and trash dumpsters.


Use The Bad Air Sponge for Removal of Garbage Odor

Garbage odors are difficult odors to remove for most cleaning products. Trash cans, trash bins, garbage cans, trash compactors, garbage disposals, roll out containers, and trash dumpsters all have consistent persistent odors and lingering odors after you remove the trash and refuse from the receptacle. Garbage is such a general term that is it difficult for most cleaning and air freshening products to be able to produce a cleaning product for effective garbage odor removal. The Bad Air Sponge is a very different odor absorbing product. The Bad Air Sponge actually absorbs the foul odors in the air by drawing the odors into itself.

The Bad Air Sponge is not a new odor removal product. It has been around for the last 25 years being used for odor removal in such places as The White House, The Smithsonian, The NJ Transit Authority, and the World Trade Center. Garbage odor removal is an easy process for the Bad Air Sponge because removing odor from in and around garbage cans is the same process as removing odor from in and around trash dumpsters. What you know if as odor is really an airborne molecule. The Bad Air Sponge actually neutralizes the airborne odor causing particles, thus removing garbage odor for as long as you use the sponge.

Why the Bad Air Sponge Works on Garbage Odor

The Bad Air Sponge has been used in wastewater treatment facilities, closed environments such as trains, and other places where garbage odors are present. The Bad Air Sponge does not work like a typical air freshener by bombarding the air with perfumes, instead, it actually draws out odors from porous material. In relation to your garbage odors and garbage can odors, the Bad Air Sponge will draw out odor causing molecules from your garbage can and the food products in your garbage bag. The sponge renders the air around your garbage fresh as if there was no garbage there. And it even works for garbage odor from your garbage disposal.

How To Use The Bad Air Sponge for Garbage Odor Removal

Using the sponge to eliminate garbage odor from trash compactors, trash cans, trash bins, trash dumpsters, and trash roll out containers is a very easy process. The Bad Air Sponge comes in the form of a 1 pound jar with a screw on lid. Just place the Bad Air Sponge near the source of the odors you are trying to remove, in this case garbage odors, and it will actively work to remove your garbage odors. The sponge lasts for an average of 60 days depending on the size of the room it is deodorizing. Using the Bad Air Sponge for garbage odor removal could not be any easier.