Cat Urine Odor Removal

Removing Cat Urine Odors From Your House

Cat urine odor is one of the hardest odors to remove from a home. It usually takes an army of cleaning products to combat the urine odor. The Bad Air Sponge works by absorbing odor causing molecules in the air to remove the strong smell of cat odor.

Remove Cat Urine Odor with the Bad Air Sponge

Cat Urine odor is the most difficult odor to remove. The Bad Air Sponge works to attack the cat urine odor at its source by neutralizing the molecules in the urine that cause odor.

Feline u rine problems can fill your home with powerful cat urine odors. Cat urine odor is pervasive. The odor will bond with any permeable surface including your floor, walls, and furniture. If the urine odor is left untreated, your house will be filled with the distinct smell of cat urine odor. Even if your cat is urinating in your litter box where it is supposed to, you will still experience urine odor problems. The Bad Air Sponge is a cat urine odor eliminator as well as an air freshener. Use it near a litter box, in rooms, and wherever a your odor problem exists.

The Bad Air Sponge for Cat Urine Odor

Cats will usually urinate inside their litter box, however, certain situations will cause them to use your house as their litter box. These factors include the territorial nature of cats, if your cat feels threatened, stress, or even urinary infections. Whatever the cause is, urine odor problems will worsen as the cat continues to pee in areas other than its litter box. Your cat will recognize it’s sent and think that it is acceptable to urinate in the same area. If your cat urine problem is mild or significant, the Bad Air Sponge will help remove cat urine odors from your home.

How The Bad Air Sponge Works For Cat Urine Odor

The Bad Air Sponge works by neutralizing odors without ever having to come into contact with the cat urine. The sponge comes in a plastic jar. To use, simply unscrew the jar and place one anywhere in your home where cat urine problems exist. The Bad Air Sponge will draw out cat urine odors from your home through a patented chemical process we call “Deghosting”. This includes odors from mattresses, bedding, furniture, upholstery, concrete floors, leather, tile, carpets, drapes, and even hardwood floors.

When cat urine finds its way anywhere except the litter box, it becomes a problem. Removing cat urine odors can be very difficult because the urine smell, especially cat urine, is persistent. Traditional air fresheners and cat urine odor removal products are not able to offer a way to actually remove the odor causing molecules that exist. The Bad Air Sponge is a different breed of air freshener. With a proven track record of managing industrial smells, the Bad Air Sponge will outperform any competing product. The Bad Air Sponge eliminates the cat urine odor at its source and it works on recent and old urine spots.