Bad Air Sponge Air Freshener

Using the Bad Air Sponge in your Bathroom

The Bad Air Sponge removes powerful bathroom odor by neutralizing the microscopic sources of odor from the air and objects in your bathroom.


The Bad Air Sponge - A Powerful Bathroom Odor Remover

The bathroom, next to the kitchen, is one of the hardest places in the home to remove odors. Because of the traffic the room gets and the type of use the bathroom receives, some companies base their entire air freshener product line on restroom and bathroom odor removal. The Bad Air Sponge is not a specific bathroom odor remover but is a universal odor neutralizer and air freshening product. The Bad Air Sponge will work on your toughest restroom and bathroom odors.

Past remedies for bathroom odor removal include burning a match, spraying vinegar, using vanilla extract or other essential oils, or leaving bowls of baking soda in your bathroom. All of these "air fresheher" remedies donít remove bathroom odors, but rather mask them. The odors are covered up in the short term and eventually you are back to dealing with the source of these odors once the product or remedy has worn off. The Bad Air Sponge works differently by absorbing tough bathroom odors. The sponge will freshen up your bathroom by absorbing all unpleasant scents and odors at their source.

The restroom is a place where you definitely do not want lingering odors. The Bad Air Sponge will draw out tough odors from all porous bathroom material (including bathroom rugs, curtains, and towels) and render your restroom air fresh. In the case of immediate bathroom odors, the Bad Air Sponge will work to immediately sterilize the air around your toilet.

The Bad Air Sponge Can Also Be Used In Large Restrooms

If you need to neutralize odors in a large restroom such as one in a stadium, office, or restaurant, the Bad Air Sponge has an industrial track record of proven bathroom odor removal. The sponge has been used in restrooms at the NY Port Authority and the NY Transit Authority to control and effectively neutralize their bathroom odor problems. If it can be trusted as an air freshener at these high traffic venues, it can certainly remove your bathroom or restroom odors.

Basic Instructions for Use

Using the Bad Air Sponge is very easy. The sponge comes in a plastic can. Just unscrew the lid and place somewhere in your bathroom or restroom. The Bad Air Sponge will absorb and neutralize odors as air is circulated throughout your restroom.