Litter Box Odor Removal

Sponge Eliminates Litter Box Odor

Your cat's litter box is going to smell. There is no way around it. If you have a litter box, you need the sponge to eliminate litter box problems odors from the air.

The Bad Air Sponge & Litter Box Odor Removal

Litter box odors are problems for cat owners. Getting a cat to go to the bathroom in a litter box is not difficult, but trying to eliminate the odor is. This is why we have developed the Bad Air Sponge for use in dealing with cat litter box problems. The sponge actually eliminates litter box odor from the air while absorbing the cat urine odor from your litter box.

If you have a cat, you have a litter box problem. Because of the molecular makeup of cat urine, it will smell. Some cat owners will try litter boxes with hoods to prevent odor escape, scented kitty litter, or air fresheners around the litter box. None of these methods work to eliminate the kitty litter and litter box odor. The Bad Air Sponge is different. It is not an air freshener in that it does not cover up litter box odors with perfumes. The Bad Air Sponge works to remove the odor molecules in your cats urine and feces and neutralize them.

A History Of Odor Removal

The Bad Air Sponge has been around for over 50 years. The closest industrial example in the history of the sponge’s use to eliminate odors is probably its long history of use at wastewater treatment plants. The Bad Air Sponge has been used successfully to remove waste odor from wastewater treatment plants across the country. It has also been used to remove other owerful industrial odors incluting chemical fumes, paint fumes, and gasoline leak odors. If it can remove these tough odors, it will eliminate your cat’s litter box problem.

how To Use The Bad Air Sponge for Your Litter Box Odor

The Sponge does not need to come into contact with the litter box to act to remove the odors. Just put the product anywhere near your litter box and open the lid. The sponge will neutralize airborne litter box odors as well as eliminating odors from inside of the litter box. This is done through a process we have developed we call “Deghosting”. The odors from inside of your cats litter box are eliminated. As per usage, one sponge will remove litter box problems for up to 400 feet.

If you have one litter box or multiple litter boxes, the Bad Air Sponge will work to solve your litter box odor problems.