Diaper Odor Removal

Use the Bad Air Sponge to Remove Diaper Odor

A Diaper odor is a tough odor to remove because diapers are always being changed and there is endless supply of dirty diapers in households with children. The Bad Air Sponge eliminates dirty diaper odor from your trash cans or diaper pails.

The Bad Air Sponge Emilinates Diaper Odors

The Bad Air Sponge is an ideal product to remove diaper odor from trash cans and diaper pails. Because most parent go through 5 or 6 diapers a day, diaper odor can be very potent. The Bad Air Sponge can act to remove odor from the air around your diaper pail including urine and fecal odor. Babies are cute, but they can be stinky. The Bad Air Sponge will keep your house smelling fresh.

Below is a letter written to us by a parent using the Bad Air Sponge.

"What new parent wouldn’t like to start the day without the seemingly unavoidable stench that permeates the nursery from the diaper odor coming from the diaper pail and trashcan.

As new parents, my wife and I were showered with gifts for our son. We were given two versions of those dirty diaper holding tanks and decided to try them out. It’s fair to say that neither one did a great job of containing the diaper pail odor. We subsequently tried removing each offending soiled diaper as he was changed, and while the source of the diaper odors was removed, the scent lingered long afterwards. We certainly had no desire in having our home's signature scent continue to be that of dirty diapers. By chance, we were commiserating with some other parents of young babies and a friend suggested an odor removal product that I wish I had known about months earlier. It is called the Bad Air Sponge.

Through trial and error, I have discovered the best twofold strategy for dealing with diaper pail odors. First, each offending stink bomb is removed from the nursery immediately, individually wrapped and deposited into the garage trash can. Second, every 4 months I replace the Bad Air Sponge in the nursery with a new one."

The Bad Air Sponge is a solid, paste-gel which absorbs, neutralizes or alters undesirable odors. It is FDA approved for handlers of food and safe for the environment, children and pets. The Sponge can be placed discretely in the nursery where diaper odor is most prevalent. One Bad Air Sponge can eliminate odors in an approximately 400 square foot room.

The Bad Air Sponge is safe for nurseries, kindergartens, pre-schools, and any area where dirty diapers may exist. The Bad Air Sponge is even useful in nursing homes and elderly care to remove diaper odor.