Bad Air Sponge Air Freshener

The Bad Air Sponge Removes Camper & RV Odors

The Bad Air Sponge has been used effectively in confined spaces such as campers, RV's, and even boat galleys to eliminate odors.

RV Odor Removal with the Bad Air Sponge

Have you ever noticed how stale air is difficult to flush out of your RV or camper? The confined conditions of a recreational vehicle can make the inside smell damp, musty, and full of mildew. Whether itís a bad attempt to flambe the evening meal, taking your camper out of storage and having it smell like mildew, or if youíve ever taken that long road trip with a baby, the Bad Air Sponge can absorb foul odors from inside your RV.


Anyone who has ever enjoyed the fun and freedom of RVíing can appreciate the feel of the open road on a beautiful sunny day. What happens when the weather turns foul, and you canít open the windows and feel the fresh breeze blowing in your face? The Bad Air Sponge can be there to help. The unique recipe of the Bad Air Sponge is formulated to absorb foul odors from inside confined spaces such as the space in your RV or your camper.

What the Bad Air Sponge Does for RV Odors

The Bad Air Sponge is what we have worked so hard to create; a high quality odor removal system for our customers. The Bad Air Sponge utilizes a unique formula to produce a product that can actually absorb the odor from virtually any room. We have a formula tailored exclusively for use in boats and RVís. This formula doesnít just mask odors like an air freshener would, it actually removes odors from the air and traps them in the charcoal gel sponge.

How to Use The Sponge in Your Camper

To unlock the odor absorbing quality of the Bad Air Sponge, just open a can and place it somewhere inside your RV. One Bad Air Sponge is able to absorb odors in areas up to 400 square feet. Place the sponge on your countertop or hide it inside a closet. Wherever you choose to put it inside your camper, it will absorb your worst odors. Bottom line is that the sponge works great at an rv odor remover and a camper odor remover.