Diaper Odor Removal

Dog Urine Odor Removal & The Bad Air Sponge

The smell of dog urine is difficult to remove. If the area is not completely deodorized, your dog will most likely urinate there again. The Bad Air Sponge eliminates dog urine odor.

Bad Air Sponge for Dog Urine Odor Removal

We all love dogs. Theyíre cute, intelligent and unlike almost all other pets, they give a care about you. Just ask any dog owner, whether or not they think their dog knows when theyíre feeling bad or sick. They know. And they want to help you feel better.

Thatís why dogs so quickly become an important part of the family. But if youíre not careful, they become a family member who causes urine odors within your house. Sometimes itís from lack of care, sometimes itís from lack of pet ownership experience, sometimes you have an ill pet, and sometimes you just plain couldnít get home in time to put the dog out. Whatever the reason, dog urine odor stinks and you need to get rid of that odor.

Dog urine in porous surfaces, especially carpets, is a major problem for homeowners. The dog urine will seep through the carpet, the padding, and the hardwood or concrete floor underneath. In cases like these, the dog urine odor is difficult to remove because the dog urine is no longer a surface problem, itís odor has gone all the way through to the floor. The Bad Air Sponge is an ideal dog urine odor removal product for homes with pets because of how it eliminates odors.

History of the Bad Air Sponge for Odor Removal

The Bad Air Sponge is an old product and its odor removal formula has not changed for the last 50 years. The sponge has been fighting industrial odors for years including waste odors, urine odors, dangerous fumes, and more. Recently, we have packaged this product for individual use. Dog owners who have dog urine odor problems in their homes are using the commercially available Bad Air Sponge for dog urine odor removal.

Acting Like An Air Freshener, But It's Not An Air Freshener

The Bad Air Sponge is an air freshener as much as it is not an air freshener. The sponge freshens the air by removing the dog urine odor molecules and neutralizing them. However, the odor removal does not end there. The Bad Air Sponge also removes the smell of dog urine from other surfaces including carpets, drapes, couches, pillows, walls, and fabric. Even if the urine odor has gone undetected and has had a chance to soak up through your carpet, the Bad Air Sponge will still freshen your air and still act to eliminate the odor at the molecular level.

To use the Bad Air Sponge for dog urine odor removal, just open a can in the vicinity of your odor problem. Once open, the Bad Air Sponge will act like a sponge by soaking up bad odors to its core. It does not act as a traditional air freshener by covering up the smell of dog urine with an even stronger scent. One sponge will neutralize the source of your odor. And as for coverage, one sponge eliminates odor from an area of up to 400 square feet. Eliminate dog urine odors quickly with the Bad Air Sponge.