Car Odor Removal

Using the Bad Air Sponge for Car Odors

Most car air freshener products mask car odor. The Bad Air Sponge is a different car odor removal substance because it removes microscopic air pollutants in your car.


Remove your car odor now.

Using the Bad Air Sponge for Car Odor Removal

Car odors cannot usually be solved by shampooing the interior, spraying a deodorizer, or using an air freshener. Many of the most stagnant car odors are caused by micro-organisms like mold, bacteria, and mildew. Air fresheners can cover up these car odors but will never remove them and they will always return. Shampoo and interior stream cleaning treatments actually spread these odor causing agents to a much wider area in your car making them even more prevalent and harder to eradicate. The Bad Air Sponge works not as an air freshener but as a true car odor deodorizer. When used to remove odors from your car, the Bad Air Sponge will actually draw out the microscopic odor causing molecules leaving your car fresh.

When auto dealerships and private owners are faced with a tough car odor problems, the Bad Air Sponge offers an effective odor removal and elimination solution. To use the sponge in your car, just open a can and place it somewhere in your car. The Bad Air Sponge works best when it is near circulating air which is why we recommend using the Bad Air Sponge near your cars ventilation system. In conjunction with constantly circulating air, the sponge can be a powerful car odor removal system.


Instructions for Car Use

The Bad Air Sponge works best in your car when placed near your cars ventilation system so its odor neutralizing agents can be dispersed evenly throughout the interior of your car. Just place the product under your ventilation system and remove the lid. For major car odor problems, turn up youíre a/c or heater to maximum and re-circulate your cars air. Used in this fashion, the sponge becomes an effective odor removal agent for smoke odors, mold and mildew odors, gas odors, food odors, and other foul car odors.

Powerful Car Odors & The Bad Air Sponge

The most powerful car odors are gas, mold, mildew, and cigarette smoke odors. All of these smells come from microscopic molecules that attach themselves to the upholstery of your vehicle. The Bad Air Spongeís patented formula draws out these odors from all of the porous material inside your car including carpet, fabric, and leather. Even if your carís odor problem has been left untreated for a length of time, the Bad Air Sponge is still a guaranteed effective odor neutralizing air freshener product for your car.

As the Bad Air Sponge is exposed to your carís air, it will reduce the microscopic pollutants, leaving you with fresh air. It will also remove the toughest smoke, gas, and mold smells from your carís interior. A Typical odor removal company or specialty car interior cleaning companies charge anywhere from 50 to 500 dollars to deodorize your car, the Bad Air Sponge offers that same service for less than 20 dollars for months of car odor control.