Garage Odor Removal

Use The Bad Air Sponge to Remove Garage Odor

The Bad Air Sponge is a great odor absorbing product for garages, basements, sheds, barns, and crawlspaces. It does not mask odors, it absorbs them.


Remove Garage Odor with the Bad Air Sponge

Garages are filled with odors. From the gasoline can for your lawn mower to the soil for your potted plants, garage odors can range from annoying to harmful. If you are looking for an odor solution for your garage, you need a product that does not mask odors but eliminates them. The Bad Air Sponge is great for garages because it is not an “air freshener”, it is an garage odor eliminator.

Common odors in the garage include gasoline, mold and mildew from your garden hose, lawn and garden chemicals, oil, car chemicals, hazardous cleaning agents, and lawn machinery including blowers, lawn mowers, and lawn edger’s. Many of these are harmless annoying odors but garage odors can include harmful fumes and gasses. The Bad Air Sponge is ideal for garages because it eliminates garage odor by attaching to small odor causing molecules in the air and neutralizing them. It draws odor molecules like a magnet.

How To Activate The Bad Air Sponge in Your Garage

For garage use, just open a jar of the Bad Air Sponge and place it somewhere in your garage. The Bad Air Sponge works best when it is in or around circulating air, however, in a small space like a garage, barn, or crawlspace, the sponge will perform equally well regardless of where it is placed. Once in your garage, barn, or crawlspace, the Bad Air Sponge will begin to work by absorbing garage odor from the enclosed garage environment.

A History of Odor Removal

The Bad Air Sponge is not a new product. It has been used industrially for the last 25 years to control odors. It has been used in places like the White House, the Smithsonian, and the NY Port Authority. It was even used in the first World Trade Center bombing to control the smoke odors. With a rich and proven history like this, you can feel confident that it will work equally as well in your garage, barn, or crawlspace to control your odor issues.

Eliminate garage odor simply and safely with the Bad Air Sponge.