Pet Bed Odor Removal

Pet Bed Odor Removal Product

Pet beds are areas where your pet will spend the most time, and they will naturally absorb pet bed odor. The Bad Air Sponge will eliminate your pet bed odor.


Remove Pet Bed Odor with the Bad Air Sponge

The Bad Air Sponge is an effective odor removal product for pet beds. Previously used in industry in prestigious places like the White House, The Smithsonian, and the World Trade Center, The Bad Air Sponge is guaranteed to remove even the worst odors from your pet beds.

The sponge is pet friendly. If your pet comes in contact with the product, it will not harm your pet. The sponge is safe for the environment and the people (and pets) that come in rely on it. If your dog or cat does get into the product, there is no known eye irritation, skin irritation, ingestion irritation, or inhalation irritation associated with the Bad Air Sponge. And, if it happens to get all over your pet, pet bed, or carpet, cleanup is easy Ė just use water.

How The Bad Air Sponge Works with Pet Bed Odor

The Bad Air Sponge works to remove odors from pet beds where other products fail because it is a proactive odor absorber. It will entrap and neutralize odor causing molecules from your pets bed rather than mask the odor with smells. The formula draws our odors from your pet bed and neutralizes the scent. A perfume aerosol or cleaning spray will never be able to do with the sponge can do to remove odors from your petís bed.

The Bad Air Sponge is very simple and easy to use. Just place a sponge in the room where the petís bed is located and the sponge will work to remove odors.

Odor Removal Features:

  • 1. Works immediately on your pets bed and the surrounding area
  • 2. No application necessary
  • 3. Unscented
  • 4. Works on cat beds, dog bets, ferret beds, any pet bed or area
  • 5. Safe for pets and humans alike
  • 6. Will last for 30 to 120 days depending on the size of the room
  • 7. Amazing Pet Bed Odor Remover